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Diploma. Bachelor of Agriculture. 3750 hours. Academic Record. Bachelor of Agriculture. Detailed Information.


Postgraduate course

Postgraduate Course Certificate. Specialization in Geographic Information Systems. 375 hours. 2010.



Remote Sensing and GIS applied to Viticulture Course Certificate. gvSIG Asociation. 110 hours. 2012. GIS and Geostatistics Applied to Viticulture Course Certificate. gvSIG Asociation. 110 hours. 2012. Biomass Course Certificate. CENIFER. 40 hours. 2011. Database Course Certificate. CMN. 210 hours. 2011. Kosmo Software Workshop, 2009, Girona University, Spain gvSIG Software Programming Workshop. Girona University, Spain. 2009. Innovation Management Course,  Certificate. UPNA. 54hours. 2008


Research Papers

“Viabilidad y rentabilidad de una plantación de pino piñinero (Pinus pinea) micorrizado con trufa biancheto (Tuber borchii)” Revista Montes 2017. Depósito legal M-20978 e ISSN 0027-0105.. “Practice Summaries: Distribution Companies Use the Analytical Hierarchy Process for Environmental Assessment of Transportation Routes Crossing the Pyrenees in Navarre, Spain.” Interfaces Informs 2013..


Congress Contributions

 “Environmental assessment of Transport routes in the Pyrenees to make distributon decissions in Navarra (Spain)” OR54 Edinburgh 2012 “Products in an Agribusiness Company: An Application Case” OR50 York 2008


Congress Attendance

Truffle Production Congress. 2013 Teruel, Spain. Open Source GIS Congress, 2009 Girona, Spain